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Chemistry professor selected as panel member for Acta Crystallographica journal

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

BeakersDr. Nikolay Gerasimchuk, chemistry professor at Missouri State University, was recently invited to be a panel member for Acta Crystallographica, a peer-reviewed journal of crystallographers and structural chemists of the world.

This is the first year that the Acta Crystallographica review panel will include not only crystallographers and physicists but also chemists

Gerasimchuk will serve in this capacity for one year, during which time he will be assessing the quality and consistency of reported data by other chemists and crystallographers.

“It feels good to be selected to this position. Now I will be serving as the expert and will make sure that low quality or inconsistent data will not be published in the journal,” said Gerasimchuk.

For more information, contact Gerasimchuk at (417) 836-5165.


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