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Professors contribute to chemistry research

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

BeakersChemistry professors Dr. Eric Bosch, Dr. Adam Wanekaya and Dr. Mark Richter contributed multiple papers and presentations on various chemistry topics in 2012.

Bosch published and presented on the following research topics:

  • “Synthesis of 1,2-Bis-(8’-quinolinyl)ethyne and X-ray Characterization of its Rearranged Oxidation Product 2-Quinoline-8-yl-pyrrolo[3,2,1-ij]quinoline-4-one” in the Journal of Chemical Crystallography
  • “Coordination Network Formed between 5,5’-Bipyrimidine and Coppper (I) Iodide” in the Journal of Chemical Crystallography
  • “Extrapolation from Small Molecules to Polymers: A Simple and Effective Way to Promote Interest in Both Organic Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry” at the 2012 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education
  • “Elaboration of Weak Intermolecular Forces Involving Terminal Alkynes” at a national American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting in Philadelphia.

Wanekaya published the following articles:

  • “Biomolecular Tri‑conjugates Formed Between Gold, Protamine and Nucleic Acid: Comparative Characterization on the Nanoscale” in the Journal of Nanotechnology
  • “Tipping the Proteome with DNA Vaccines: Weighing in on the Role of Nanomaterials” in the Journal of Nanotechnology
  • “Association of Poly I:C onto MnO Nano‑rods Mediated by PAMAM” to the  Langmuir/American Chemical Society

In March, Wanekaya also gave presentations on the following topics at a national ACS meeting in San Diego:

  • “The Mole Enchilada: Missouri State University Student Affiliates, 2010-2011”
  • “First Bis Cyanoximes: Synthesis, Spectro-scopic Studies, Crystal Structures and Alkaline Metals Complexes”
  • “Synthesis of Tungsten trioxide and the Effects of Size and Shape on Electrochromium”
  • “Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Structural Characteri-zation of a Series of Novel N-substituted Acetamide-cyanoximes and their Pd Pt Complexes”
  •  “Investigations of Stability of Polyacrylamide Composites Containing Antimicrobial Silver (I) Cyanoximates to High Intensity Visible and UV Light”

Richter published the following articles:

  • “Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence Quenching of Ru(bpy)32+ (bpy = 2,2’-bipyridine) in the Presence of Acetaminophen, Salicylic Acid and their Metabolites” in the Journal of Luminescence
  • “Chemiluminescence from Osmium (II) Complexes with Phenanthroline, Diphosphine and Diarsine Ligands” in the Analyst (Royal Society of Chemistry)

For more information, contact Bosch at (417) 836-4277, Wanekaya at (417) 836-5611 or Richter at (417) 836-5508.



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