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Criminology faculty member publishes new textbook

Book examines the intersection of theory, research, practice in criminology
Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A head shot of Aida Hass.Dr. Aida Hass, associate professor of criminology at Missouri State University, recently published a new edition of her book, “Criminology: Connecting Theory, Research and Practice.”

According to Hass, the book strives to connect students with practical, real-world knowledge that will enhance their abilities as criminal justice practitioners.

“This book explores the multidimensional aspects of crime causation, as well as various crime control strategies and solutions, in a simple, yet comprehensive manner,” said Hass. “The text also provides educators with tools to communicate the links between theory, research and practice that are often overlooked in the classroom.”

A public affairs approach to criminology

In addition to critical thinking exercises that encourage dialogue and further exploration of the textbook material, Hass’ book also includes many features that expose students to criminology through the lens of public affairs.

“The book examines matters of ethics and issues pertaining to organizational leadership,” said Hass. “Additionally, the book works to provide students with an understanding of conflicts arising from a lack of cultural competence and how to avoid them.”

This is the second edition of Hass’ book, which includes new chapters on corrections, courts, criminal law, law enforcement and cybercrime.

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon.

For more information, contact Hass at 417-836-4890.


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