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Maroon Minute recognizes special education program

Thursday, February 11, 2016

At a recent basketball game, the Maroon Minute was dedicated to faculty in the College of Education’s special education program.

Gaining employment can be challenging for students who have visual impairments. Faculty in the department of counseling, leadership and special education are preparing future teachers to help such students in grades K through 12 reach their potential.

The department recently received a renewable $100,000 grant from Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide tuition and fee reimbursement for Missouri State students who pursue the state-wide alternative Blindness and Low Vision Certification Program.

Faculty in the program prepare future teachers to relay classroom lessons, including life skills, to students in a non-visual manner.

The competitive program funding allows MSU to reach the best prospective students, even in the farthest points of the state.


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