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Graduate student receives award for research

Scholars to present research at communication conference
Thursday, March 7, 2013

Communication Department logoCalvin Coker, graduate student in communication, received the Top Paper Award for the 24th annual Sooners Communication Conference for his research entitled “Argument Analysis in the 2000 Presidential Debates.” Coker will present his paper during the conference March 8-9 at the University of Oklahoma (OU) Campus in Norman, Okla.

Other Missouri State scholars presenting research at the Sooners Communication Conference include:

  • Brandi Chen, Whitney Coker and Carmen Garcia, communication graduate students, will present “The Three E’s of Effectiveness: An Experimental Content Analysis of the Web Presence of NPOs in the Heath Care Sector.”
  • Levi Costello, communication graduate student, will present “Workshop on Creating Interviews that Promote Self-Disclosure.”
  • Abdulwahab Alsulami, communication graduate student, will present “Saudi’s Culture: The Effect of Transition to Parenthood.”
  • Andrew Frisbie, communication graduate student, will present “Edward Said’s Orientalism: Where It Came From and How It Has Been Used.”
  • Dana Dominguez, graduate assistant, David Van Bebber, adjunct instructor of communication, and Samuel Coad Dyer, assistant professor of communication, will present “Socio-Political Documentary Film as Character-Driven Genre.”
  • Jaclyn Brandhorst, communication graduate student, will present “Acting in Good or Bad Faith: Understanding the Impacts of Emotion Labor.”
  • Mikel Howard, junior marketing student, will present “Rituals, Stories, and People: A Literature Review Exploring Organizational Culture.”

The Sooners Communication Conference is hosted by the Communication Graduate Student Association at OU. The conference brings together faculty and students from schools throughout the nation to discuss theory and research in communication and allows students to fine-tune research papers for other conferences and possible publications.

For more information, contact Randy Dillon at (417) 836-4986.


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