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Matthews publishes two new textbook editions

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dr. Victor H. Matthews, dean of the College of Humanities and Public Affairs at Missouri State University, has published new editions of two of his textbooks. The first, co-authored with Dr. James Moyer, professor of religious studies, is the third edition of their popular textbook, “The Old Testament: Text and Context,” published by Baker Academic Press. The other volume authored by Matthews is the second edition of his textbook “The Hebrew Prophets and Their Social World,” also published by Baker Academic.

The Old Testament: Text and Context (Baker Academic, 2012) – This new, 3rd edition of a classroom standard provides students with an accessible introduction to the literature, history, and social context of the Old Testament. The book, co-authored by Matthews and Moyer, originally appeared in 1997. In this 3rd edition, students are introduced to newly developed concepts, including geographic reiteration (a tool employed by the biblical writers to highlight particular locations) and a strong emphasis on comparison between biblical narrative and the literature of the ancient Near East. Attention is also given to new archaeological discoveries and current methods in studying the text. The book is designed for the state university context in which religious studies as an academic discipline examines the importance of religion and religious practice to culture and social values.

The Hebrew Prophets and Their Social World (Baker Academic, 2012) – This new and completely revised 2nd edition draws on recent archaeological data, ancient Near Eastern prophetic and historical texts, and provides a chronological examination of the Hebrew prophets within the social and historical context of their own time. The volume explores pertinent aspects of historical geography, economic conditions that contributed to the prophets’ social justice agenda, and the social and political forces that influenced a prophet’s life and message. An effort is also made to explain such significant concepts as covenant, universalism, and theodicy and to see how the prophets interacted with kings, priests, and common citizens of ancient Israel. The textbook also explores how prophets addressed their audience and employed techniques such as street theater, visual images, gestures and metaphors to communicate effectively. The book is designed for beginning students but can also be useful to advanced students and interested laypersons.

For more information, contact Matthews at (417) 836-5529.

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